Your order should be delivered within 2-3 weeks depending on your location.  While we work to get your new gallery wall made as fast as possible, please keep in mind that each gallery wall is custom made to include your photos and art and ready to hang upon arrival, so it it may take us a little longer! In addition, if your gallery wall comes with a life-size template and hanging kit, this may arrive sooner than your frames.

You can always contact us at and we will be happy to assist you. 

Due to our gallery walls being custom made with each order to include your photos and art we cannot accept returns or provide refunds. However, we will do everything possible to make it right in the event that something is wrong with your order upon arrival.  In the rare event that you receive an incorrect order, damaged frame or printed image of poor quality we will get to work right away to replace it and make sure that love your final product! Should there be an issue with your order please alert us within 7 days of delivery. 

Orders can only be canceled if we have received and processed your cancellation request prior to the creation of your gallery wall commencing. Pleas refer to our return & cancellation policy for further details.

We will work with you as much as we can should you need to make a change to an existing order. Any changes to an existing order must be submitted & processed before the order is created. Please note it may take up to 48 hours to receive & process your email. All change requests can be submitted to Please be sure to include your order number with your request and we will do everything we can to assist you.  

Our gallery walls are proudly made in America.

While we are not currently offering trade discounts, we are working on developing a trade program to offer in the future. Please feel free to reach out to us at to provide feedback on what would be most helpful for you and your business and let us know if you are interested so we can alert you when programs become available. We would love to hear from you, it may just help shape any future programs we offer!

Please email us at We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. 

We do not currently sell or ship out of the United States. 

Most, but not all of our gallery walls come with these items. You will find it noted in the product description when it is included. We include them for the gallery walls where it makes the most sense- elaborate designs, gallery walls that require proper alignment to create the look and where spacing will be mostly universal across all homes and their individual spaces. For our quad and grid gallery walls, we do not include a wall template or hanging kit because spacing between frames is highly individualized and unique to each home and the space available. Some homes may look best with two inches in between frames while others may need five due to the amount of wall space.

Product Related:

Our live editor was created with fool-proof parameters and image quality top of mind so that each image printed with our top-of-the-line printers and archival-grade ink exceeds your expectations. Each uploaded image will have to meet size & resolution parameters specific to the photo size needed. Thus ensuring that your image will look good at its printed size.  If it does not meet our quality control requirements you will not be able to upload your image for that frame. Most images will require your photo to have a minimum of 300dpi/ppi. For example, a 5x5 photo would require a minimum dpi/ppi of 1500x1500. Larger images have slightly lower requirements since they are usually viewed at a greater distance. For more information on image quality, resolution and how it impacts print size please see our article here. 

When you order a gallery wall from Gallery Walls Made Easy we print your photos or art, frame it and attach hardware required for your frames to be hung, as well as include any needed nails and hooks. Smaller frames will come with a pre-strung wire while larger frames will include saw tooth hangers to ensure their stability and prevent bowing. All frames come with pads attached to the frames to prevent wall scratching and help keep frames from shifting once hung. And, for our more elaborate gallery walls we even include hanging kits to include a life-size wall template and other useful items to make your installation easier!

Your frames will arrive ready to hang, but you will find a few things to be handy. We recommend having a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, painters tape, level and pencil. For gallery walls that include a template, we have included a small tape measure with level and restickable stickers to help position your template. Should your gallery wall have any large frames, you may also need a drill for secure hanging. For those of you who purchased a layout that does not include a wall template it may be helpful have old wrapping paper, construction paper, paper grocery bags or any other large paper pieces to use when determining the layout or spacing of your gallery wall. You can use the white side of old wrapping paper by laying your frames out in your desired pattern and then tracing their outlines once you have your desired spacing. Then, this can be hung on your wall and used as a hanging template. Or, you can cut construction paper to the same size of your frames by tracing them and then taping them to the wall to determine their location & spacing, allowing you to adjust before you commit. This way you won’t end up with unnecessary nail holes in your walls.   

Our wooden frames are made from finger-jointed American hardwood having either it’s natural wood grain or a decorative wrap depending on the frame style chosen.  Our metal frames are made from high-quality anodized or powder coated aluminum ensuring a rigid, high-quality, durable finish. Each gallery wall frame also comes with clear acrylic to protect your images. We want your gallery walls to last you a lifetime and therefore use high quality materials to stand the test of time. 

At Gallery Walls Made Easy, we’ve tried to take all the hard work out of making a gallery wall by including prints free of charge. Uploading them using our live editor gives you more flexibility with your photos while also ensuring they will fit the frame they’re intended for. This helps eliminate the hassle of printing and mounting photos on your own and possibly reprinting again if they don’t fit. We encourage you to let us do all the hard work for you, but should you really want to order a gallery wall without prints due to wanting to frame original art, or not being able to upload a file, please contact and we will work with you. 

We can help you with this should you want a physical sample. Please email and we can assist you. 

Your images will be printed using archival-grade ink on a premium semi-matte, bright white paper. This will produce prints with a smooth surface and slight sheen to enhance and add depth to your images. 

Problems/Order Issues:

On the rare occasion that something is lost, damaged, missing or incorrect, issues must be declared within 7 days of order delivery. Please alert us of any issues right away via email at If applicable, please include photos to help us better serve you. We will do everything we can to make sure your order issue is corrected. 

To ensure print quality of your final product we have implemented quality control parameters for each upload specific to the final size of the printed image. This requires that most of your images meet our 300dpi requirement while also having a minimum pixel length and width based on the dimensions of the final print. Please note that some larger image sizes have lowered dpi parameters since they are often viewed from greater distances and thus require less detail. If you file is producing an error message once the upload has attempted, it is because we cannot ensure that your image will print at a level of quality that you will be happy with. We want to be sure you love your gallery wall and are extremely pleased with your printed images, so we have put these safe guards in place to ensure customer satisfaction. If you would like some useful information about image quality, cell-phone captured images etc. please see our article here for help. 

On rare occasion, if our shippers are a little rougher with our packages than usual, you may notice the corner of your frames are loose. This can be easily fixed by slightly loosening the screws on the corner bracket, pushing the corner back together and retightening the screws to secure it place. 

Our acrylic is shipped with a protective film on it to ensure it arrives scratch free, which may sometimes appear foggy and or have scratch marks on it. Just peel off the protective film and you should be good to go. If for some reason your acrylic has scratches in it after it has been removed, please email us right away so we can help you with a replacement. Please see our return & refund policy for more information on how to submit damaged items. 


All great questions! And most of it comes down to personal preference in the end, but we do have some useful tips for all of this here. Should you need additional assistance please email .

Please email us at and we can help you with that. Please provide as much information as possible when emailing so we can better assist you. 

Please email us at and reference which gallery wall number you are looking for along with your original order number if you have it handy and we will be glad to help.