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Gallery walls- we all want one. THE one. A flawless, inspiring display of family photos or unique artwork. One of those oh-so-beautiful statement pieces that elevates your home decor and adds enough wow factor to instantly makes friends & family jealous. Enviable gallery walls, however, can be ever-so elusive, oftentimes complicated & time-consuming when attempted on your own. Mistakes will undoubtedly be made- at the expense of your walls. What if you could avoid all of that, and save time and your walls (from excess nail holes, of course!) while still achieving gallery wall perfection? 

Guess what? You can. Get your gallery wall right the first time and easily with a gallery wall that includes a life-size template from Gallery Walls Made Easy! We simplify gallery wall perfection for our customers by providing hanging kits that include a template showing you exactly where to place your frames. Having a hanging kit with a predesigned, life-size gallery wall template makes the installation process SO much easier than if you were to attempt gallery wall design & installation on your own! 

Our Hanging Kits 

Our hanging kits make gallery wall installation quick and easy. We include everything needed for a successful gallery wall install except a pencil and hammer! Each hanging kit contains a tape measure with a built-in level, life-size gallery wall template, wall-safe stickers to easily hang & reposition the gallery wall template, microfiber cleaning cloth, instructions, and nail hooks (or secure hanging hardware for any larger frames needing additional support). We also ship these essential items in a smaller box made for easy storage & safekeeping for future use! 

Our Gallery Wall Templates

We designed our templates consciously and deliberately with customers in mind. Each template is produced on durable bond paper that is less likely to tear if you have an accident when trying to hang your template. It also ensures that should you decide to keep your template for reuse in the future, you can safely store it away in your hanging kit until needed again. Some gallery wall templates may require more than one sheet. We print templates while minimizing waste when possible (better for the environment) and in a manner that is best suited for hanging your gallery wall correctly with the least amount of effort. For example, some of our staircase gallery walls are printed in multiple vertical sections rather than horizontal- and for good reasons. For one, it sure makes them easier to hang along a staircase. Side note- did you know that staircases vary in their architectural design? Most people never need to consider this, but the angle or rise of stairs varies from home to home! So, for our elaborate staircase gallery walls, we have designed them in sections, or smaller groupings of frames, which can be repositioned up or down a bit to accommodate the rise of your staircase should you choose to. It may require a little extra work up front, but it allows you to customize your gallery wall to match your stairs perfectly!

 Gallery Wall Template M502 by Gallery Walls Made Easy

How to Use Our Gallery Wall Templates: A Step-By-Step Guide

Ok, first things first, we know you’re excited & want to get your gallery wall displayed in all its glory, but do not hang your template just yet! Before you position your template, there are things you should do to make the installation go much more smoothly. Start with step 1 & take your time- trust us on this! 

Step 1: Unfold your gallery wall template on a flat, hard surface and carefully arrange your frames in their respective positions.  

If you have a sizable gallery wall, your template may come printed in sections on multiple sheets of paper. There may also be frames that overlap between two sheets on your template. Now is a great time to find & take note of the marks indicating where the overlap should occur when positioning your templates on the wall. 

Tip: If you have a gallery wall with several frames, sometimes it can be helpful to notate a description on the template of each picture frame to use as a reminder when hanging them on the wall. 

Step 2: Turn your frames over and mark your nail positions on the mid-point arrows for each frame. 

This one can be a bit tricky, but you got this! Turn your frames over while keeping the top & bottom aligned with the frame image shown on the template, and move each frame to the left or the right so that its edge aligns with the vertical arrow indicating the mid-point. Locate the hanging hardware attached to your frames—not the wire itself, but what secures the wire on the back of the frame. Using the tape measure provided with your hanging kit, place a mark on the mid-point arrow 1.25 inches above the center of the hanging hardware for each frame. Carefully set your gallery wall frames aside when completed. 

Gallery Wall Template How-To Gallery Walls Made Easy

(Note: The extra 1.25 inches allows for the height offset created by both the hook & the wire slack. You can also hang your template 1.25” higher and make nail marks next to the hanging hardware attached to the frame if you wish, but note your frames will not line up with the images on the template when hanging them over the template.)  

Step 3: Hang your template! 

Using the wall-safe re-stickable stickers provided, hang your template. An extra set of hands can be helpful with this. If your template has multiple sheets, attach them one at a time using the overlap marks. Using the level provided, check for levelness & make adjustments after positioning each sheet. Once complete, make sure you like the position. If any adjustments need making left, right, up, or down, this is the time to do so. Once you are happy with the positioning of your gallery wall, proceed to step 4. 

Gallery Wall Template How-To by Gallery Walls Made Easy

Tip: Partially remove the backing on your stickers and adhere them to the wall so they are prepped & ready to use before hanging your template. 

Step 4: Hammer in your nails & hooks!

Almost there! Carefully nail in the hooks where you indicated on your gallery wall template.  

Step 5: Remove your gallery wall template from the wall. 

Very carefully remove your gallery wall template by gently tearing it away at each hook one at a time. We recommend having a friend help or leaving the template adhered to the wall until you have thoroughly torn it away from all the hooks. When removing it this way, you can use it as a reference when hanging your frames and preserve it if needed again. 

Step 6: Hang your gallery wall frames, admire your work & show it off to family & friends!  

Using your gallery wall template as a reference, hang your frames! Once each frame is displayed, give it a little love by making minor adjustments for alignment & leveling. 


Now, isn't that much quicker & easier than doing it all yourself? We think so! Check out some of our frame arrangements below that come complete with a gallery wall template & visit our site to see just how easy we've made adding a gallery wall to your home! 

Gallery Wall W113 Gallery Walls Made Easy

Gallery Wall #W113 - See it here

 Gallery Wall #106 by Gallery Walls Made Easy

Gallery Wall #106 - See It Here

Gallery Wall Multitasker #M151

Gallery Wall Multitasker #M151 - See It Here

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