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Oh for the love of art! Have you ever seen an art exhibit that evoked an intense, deep feeling of pure joy, awe & inspiration in you? THAT's how you should feel about the gallery walls in your home! Curating an art gallery wall for your space is an opportunity to express yourself through art & find pieces that give you that same joyous feeling. It's an opportunity to make your home a haven for you and your family, to add style to your home, and spark more joy not only in your heart but also in the hearts of those with whom you share your home. So please, pick art you love!

We know that finding art that speaks to you can be difficult, which is why we are here to help you on your gallery wall journey. Curating can be one of the most enjoyable creative experiences you'll ever have- especially when you know where to find beautiful artwork. That's where we come in!

Gallery Wall Art Prints

Where to Find Gallery Wall Prints

One of the easiest ways to find downloadable digital art is to search on Etsy. There is a multitude of stores out there selling art, & thus it can be time-consuming to sift through the different shops to find the ones that offer digital downloads for the type of art you’re searching for. We’ve compiled a list of 30 Etsy shops that offer a variety of affordable art available for digital download to help you get started! The shops listed below are perfect options when creating a gallery wall online with Gallery Walls Made Easy. Simply find artwork you love, download it, then use it for your image uploads with our live preview editor to try it out on a gallery wall. Our live preview editor ensures you'll create a gallery wall that inspires you & brings joy to your home because you can see what it looks like before you commit. And, with a little effort, your friends will think you hired a designer!

To make this a quick & easy resource for you, we’ve listed the shop name, which links to the store, and the typical art styles we found in each, so you can quickly scan the list and decide which ones to shop. We hope this will help inspire you on your gallery wall journey while at the same time making it much easier! Now, the only hard part is choosing from all the beautiful pieces available!

Helpful Tips to Ensure Quality Gallery Wall Prints 

Gallery Walls Made Easy offers a great variety of predesigned gallery wall layouts already completed for you so all you need to do is find art to upload. When selecting a gallery wall layout, take note of the image sizes required & make sure that the art you find will print large enough for the frames included. As a good rule of thumb, you’ll need your images to print at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI/PPI. This is the resolution recommended for most print materials & ensures you will be happy with how the print turns out! For example, if you find a 16x20 image at 300 DPI/PPI, you can print it at 16x20, or any smaller size. If you try to print it any larger you will lose image quality because the DPI/PPI will decrease. Most downloadable images found on Etsy will work for our frames, however, if you choose a gallery wall with extra-large images, you must be mindful that it may be a bit harder to find art.

Pro-Tip#1: Some Etsy store owners will help you and send a larger file if you need it, so if you find a piece you love, but the resolution is an issue, try messaging the shop owner to see if they can do this for you. Most shop owners are more than happy to help!

Pro-Tip #2: Your images don't need to be the exact size listed for your frames! As long as the DPI/PPI requirements are met, our live preview editor will automatically scale your art to the image area for upload (without skewing). So if you find a 16x20 image (at 300 DPI/PPI), you can upload it for any image space equal to or smaller than 16x20. And, if your art is slightly bigger or not quite the same size ratio, that’s ok, too. You can use our live preview editor to crop, flip & adjust your images until you're happy.

And now...the list! Happy hunting:)

Etsy Gallery Wall Prints - The Etsy Shop List

Art Vechnaya  

Art Vechnaya offers vintage portraits, but with a contemporary twist. Imagine the Mona Lisa or Abraham Lincoln- blowing a giant, bright pink bubble gum bubble. They offer some statement pieces to display in a contemporary gallery wall to add fun! 

Little Valley Studio

A shop for contemporary, abstract watercolors. 

Ema Paraschiv Art

This store offers an eclectic mix of pieces, but our favorites are the cloud art pieces!  

Coastal Style Prints

This store has a little bit of everything, but focuses on organic images, animals, photography & typography. Think beach images, desert plants & some great animal photos!

JJ Design House

This store offer a variety- line art, boho art, modern minimalist art, abstract art, vintage art, typography, still-life & botanicals, & children’s art. 

North Prints

An excellent store for vintage pieces! They have everything from landscapes to portraits.

23 Maps

This shop gives you exactly what is says- maps! The do it all, from celestials to cities to states! These would make great additions to travel photo gallery walls!

Art Prints Galija

Great for botanicals, line & minimalist art with a boho feel. 

Articraft Creatives

This store offers a large variety of botanicals, mid-century modern, abstract, boho, typography, & nursery art. We like some of their botanicals!  

Celeste’s Case Studio

This shop has some great vintage pieces!


This shop has some great beach & coastal prints with a light & airy feel, great abstract art, & some farmhouse botanical prints that are beautiful.

Neptune Art Prints

This shop is highly-noted for abstract art with beautiful watercolors & black/white prints. 

Tempro Prints

This shop offers some gorgeous vintage fashion store photos & Matisse. 

Chaos & Wonder Design

This Etsy shop offers altered vintage portraits, moody vintage florals, & some gorgeous abstract pieces with a vintage feel. 

I Love Printable

This store offers lots of typography art mixed with some abstract nordic & nursery art perfect for children’s rooms!

Oh Fine Art Prints

This shop offers some distinguished mid-century & urban photos, as well as beach & botanical prints.   

Lotus Print Studio

This store has some adorable animal prints perfect for nurseries & kids' rooms. They also offer beach & botanical prints that are worth a look! 


Baydreem is a shop offering adorable nursery room art & typography pieces. 

Wall Deco Print Store

This store offers a ton of photography & vintage prints as well as some classic abstract & line art pieces.

Serenity Wall Art

This shop offers some great map prints & black/white travel photos that would be great additions to a travel photo gallery wall. 

Doloma Art Prints

Doloma Art Prints offers unique animal prints in addition to maps & city photos. They make for excellent additions to your travel photo gallery walls. 

Modea Prints

This shop has some unique abstract pieces that should complement most decor.  

Serenity Art Home

If you love florals- this shop might be for you. We adore their floral prints- bright & moody statement pieces to use in your gallery walls. 

Prints Project

This shop offers some pretty florals & botanicals.

Lila x Lola

This shop offers some great nursery prints, some pretty beach & coastal photos, & animal & abstract art. 

Photo Trouvée

This shop is great for vintage black & white photos. 

Collection Prints 

Great for vintage pieces to put in a contemporary farmhouse-style home. (It appears they may not have an Etsy store anymore, but we linked to their website!)

Legacy Fine Art Prints

Legacy Fine Art Prints has a great, all-around selection of prints with a vintage feel that are perfect for classic and farmhouse-styled homes. 

Circa Art Collection

More vintage pieces! We especially like their sketches & ink drawings! 

The Crown Prints

This shop offers a great selection of colorful abstract art in their decorative art collection. They also sell a ton of typography prints & some fun images for kids' rooms, too! 


Help Us Showcase More Gallery Wall Art!

At Gallery Walls Made Easy, we are always looking for new shops, artists, or websites that offer art available for digital download. We love supporting the art community & small business owners! If you are an artist or shop owner, make yourself known! We are on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, so contact us! Who knows, we may feature you on our website, in an article, or on our social media as inspiration! 

Happy curating!

Gallery Walls Made Easy

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