Gallery Wall DIY Fail - Our Story, Mission & Blog Introduction

Gallery Walls Made Easy - Our Story

Our Story

Our story is simple. Like some of you reading this article, a woman found herself increasingly more frustrated as she struggled to create the perfect gallery wall in her home. She loved art and photography and wanted to create the perfect gallery wall to spark some joy and give her home that designer-styled look. What seemed a fun and simple undertaking proved more difficult and complex than she ever expected. She struggled for weeks repeating attempts to create the perfect gallery wall layout. She began with frames she already had, only to determine she needed to buy more instead. Unable to find the pre-cut mat sizes she needed in stores, she attempted custom matting herself and failed miserably. She printed and reprinted photos only to fail yet again. Each time a new frame or mat came into play, she needed a new photo print of a different size. And when she dared to try printing an image at a larger size, she was left disappointed with the print quality. After spending hundreds of dollars and considerable time to obtain frames, matting, hardware, and prints, she was still uninspired by her DIY gallery wall. For the next few weeks, she would look at it and wonder where she went wrong each day when she arrived home. She knew she wasn't the only one who had struggled with a DIY gallery wall fail. So she embarked on a mission to make gallery wall design painless, and Gallery Walls Made Easy came to be.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to help others easily create the gallery wall of their dreams by simplifying the process. We do this by offering custom framing combined with a complete gallery wall solution that:

  • Takes the frustration & guesswork out of creating a gallery wall by offering the largest selection of predesigned, customizable gallery wall layouts. 
  • Allows you to customize your gallery wall to fit the design style of your space by offering a variety of high-quality frames in various styles, colors & finishes.
  • Guarantees the print quality of your photos and art when using our fool-proof image upload system that combines basic editing capabilities and quality control checks. 
  • Includes all necessary hanging hardware. 
  • Makes installation quick & easy by including a kit with useful items & a life-size gallery wall hanging guide for complex installs. 

We want your gallery wall to bring a smile to your face and spark joy in your heart. Because of this, we made every effort to make the gallery wall process quick & easy and are continuously striving to find new ways to improve it for our customers.   

Our Gallery Wall Blog

Our blog aims to create a community that offers support, advice, education, and direction for customers and DIYers alike. Whether it be an inspirational or educational post, we hope to serve as the resource that will benefit everyone on their gallery wall journey. Follow our blog and social media accounts to stay in the know, learn about gallery walls, and contact us if we can help you on your gallery wall journey. 

Cheers to making our lives easier, turning our failures into victories, and sparking more joy in our hearts!




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